Sunday, June 27, 2010

Return of the Old School Blogger

I was encouraged by friends to start a blog so that I can chronicle my adventures while I'm in London for the summer. At first, I hesitated. I used to blog when I was 15 and the entries still haunt me––weird stories and teenage heartache on display for the whole world to read. Apparently I thought I was pretty funny and important at the time but of course, I was wrong. Forever, publicly wrong.

Why would I want to travel down that road again?

I was inspired by one idea. It was suggested that blogging would relieve me of some of the one on one emails and phone updates that I was not exactly looking forward to between myself, friends and family. If I tell my tales in a central place that anyone can see, I won't have to write as many individual letters. Thats where I was sold. Hello, blogspot- thanks for the assistance!

Don't get me wrong, its not that I don't want to keep in touch with everyone. It's just that... I'm tired. Very, very tired.

I've been planning this trip for months and I haven't exactly tried to hide the fact that it is indeed an escape. Despite how I describe it, I am not as much "studying abroad" as I am "fleeing the country in hopes of recovering from the past 21 years of my life."

I look forward to being in a new place and finding some new perspective. I look forward to being alone. I look forward to relaxing and for the first time in a long time, just doing what I want to do, whenever I want to do it––without feeling guilty or obligated to something else.

I hope to come back rested.

Only time will tell how often I actually use this thing but I'm going to give it a shot. And as for the title? Its a knock off of the old Brand New song "Jude Law & a Semester Abroad"–my favorite when I was in 8th grade. Since I'm blogging again like the old Alison, I thought it might be appropriate.

Less than 48 hours until take off.

Cheers, bloggers!

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