Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its the Final Countdown.

6 weeks in London is not long enough.

Unless of course you are a poor college student at the mercy of your more than generous family. In which case, at least financially, 6 weeks is plenty.

But regardless, I will be truly sad to leave here. I feel like I'm just getting used to everything and Chrissy and I already can't stop talking about when we'll be back. But in the meantime, I won't waste the days I have left.

Whats on the agenda?
1. The Tower Bridge
2. Westminster Abbey
3. Abbey Road
5. Notting Hill/Portobello Market
6. One more trip to the theatre
7. The Globe
8. A final exam for my Shakespeare class? YIKES!

Don't worry everyone. My camera is charged and ready and pictures will surface soon. It will be just like you were there!

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