Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures to Brighton your day.

We took a two our bus ride to Brighton, the seaside of England, and the weather started out just as British as I imagined it would. And by that I mean it was rainy and cold and hard for me to understand that I was visiting this charming beach town in July, not October, despite the fact I was shivering in my jeans and sweatshirt.

But of course I enjoyed myself anyway. I walked around town, took some pictures, had lunch and then paid 8 pounds to get into a harness and be launched 20 meters into the air in front of an audience. So, you know, normal stuff.

In fact, that last bit there has to be the coolest thing I'd done in a long time. I was in better spirits than ever afterward and appropriately enough––the sun came out! And suddenly the beach was packed. You could pick the english people out from the tourists because they were the ones in bathing suits when everyone else was still a little too cold for that.
The Brighton Pier on a very grey morning.

I swear, these people must be CRAZY.

Urgh, I hate when I have to save Chrissy from drowning.
Thats right, I was the first one to brave this bad boy.

Marie, Katie and I after we got launched.

The pier after it Brighton'd up. Get it? Eh eh?



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