Friday, July 9, 2010

Bienvenidos a Barcelona!

Whether or not I techniqually "survived" Barcelona is debatable.

I had some really bad luck toward the end of my trip if you want to know the truth, I just don't want to talk about it today. So don't be nosey. I'm trying to focus on the fact that I also had some really good luck and the trip was amazing.

A few things that are NOT debatable:
1. I witnessed and participated in the crazy street riots that took place after Spain defeated Germany.
2. I stooped to buying myself a Spain jersey in order to fit in better.
3. The beach was absolutely beautiful. There were a few 100 more topless women than I'm used to but after the 20th one I saw, the shock value really went down from and 8a nd plateaued around a 4. I guess they're all just free spirits in Barca.
4. I swam way far out away from the coast to an Island of rocks with Chrissy, just for fun. Yes, thats right, ME! The one who barely passed the Camp Haiastan swim test 8 years in a row! Don't hate on the doggy paddle my friends.
5. I went to the most authentic Spanish resturant that our hostel could reccomend. They literally spoke no english so we all ordered random things off the menu with our fingers crossed... I somehow ended up with fried chicken wings? SCORE!
6. Our hostel was so awesome. In fact, I gather that hostels in general are awesome. It was like sleeping over a friends house with 50 strangers and their mom even makes breakfast for everyone in the morning!
7. I am still a very, very stupid American with a lot to learn.

Or, as they say in Barcelona––"un estúpido americano"

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