Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bright lights, big city

My first impressions of London came in the form of Disney movie at an age I can't accurately specify. When I was enjoying films such as 101 Dalmations and Peter Pan throughout my youth, I was delighted by the images of Big Ben, city streets and of course, British accents.

Though I loved those movies and for both plot and setting, I don't think I could have been excited just then. I couldn't have been excited because, well, I didn't know there was anything to be excited about! But after finally having my first two days touring London, after those images from childhood and onward became real (and in perfect weather no less), I suddenly feel like I've been waiting to be here my whole life.

HAHAHA! Thats the lamest thing I've said in a long time. But hey, its true. I can admit it when I'm being a total sap or wimp. Anyway...

I've always been a fan of cities––I adore Boston brownstones and seeing the Citgo sign lit up at night. I've been knocked off my feet by Chicago, New York, DC, and even Milwaukee (thank you, AYF.) But London.

London is really unlike any city I've ever known and loved in the past. It's huge, full of culture and truly beautiful. And the best part? I just got here. I have about 5 weeks left to enjoy it.

I feel it necessary to admit, for some reason in the months leading up to my trip I often pictured myself here strolling around city parks, walking dogs. I did realize at the time that the vision was weird, my inexplicable urge to have animal companionship is likely to remain fantasy. But now that I made the 101 Dalmations connection, at least I understand where the idea came from.

And at least I didn't picture myself flying over Big Ben with a guy named Peter. Thats even less realistic.

(Top photo, Big Ben; Bottom, The London Eye- rode to the top in one of those bad boys.)

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