Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My first rainy day in London

Today started with scrambled eggs & wheat toast––courteosy of Chef Alison and continued with 4 and a half hours at the library. I was supposed to read Othello for tomorrows class but I was busy reading lots of other things that have no relevance to my course work. Ah, theres always tomorrow morning. Two more eggs, one speed read.

When I returned to my room I made one concerning observation. It is an absolute mess, even by my standards. With no pictures on the walls, clothes and books scattered everywhere and and trash that has been ignored for days––I appear to be living in the room of some kind of depressed artist. Or just a genuinely lazy college student. I'm not interested in being either of those things.

Though, I fear I may be both.

So what can I do to solve this identity crisis? I suppose I have to clean. I'll start with the bed, move on to the desk, and then the sink. Its raining outside anyway, so its the perfect time to do it.

I think I can probably fix this. No need to worry just yet.

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